The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented, unpredictable, and suddenly scary time for families, for our community, and for the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum.

As a nonprofit museum, our annual $1.1M operating budget relies heavily on earned income that can only be realized when we are open to the public. In fact, 51% of our annual operating budget depends on revenue from museum admission, school field trips and birthday parties, the majority of which is historically realized from February through mid-June.  This revenue supports everything we do from keeping the lights on and providing staff salaries, to ensuring a fresh stream of new educational experiences and operating our public farmers market.

Please consider making a gift TODAY to the MHCM Sustaining Fund.  We need your help now – more than ever – as we simply cannot sustain these revenue losses without offsetting them through your philanthropic support.

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New Federal Legislation to Encourage Philanthropic Giving:

As you consider your gift, please know that the recently passed $2 trillion U.S. stimulus package contains tax benefits to individuals and businesses who make charitable contributions in this time of tremendous need, including:

For the rest of 2020, individuals will be able to deduct up to $300 for cash gifts to qualified charitable organizations, regardless of whether or not they itemize.

For the year 2020, individuals will be able to deduct cash contributions to charitable organizations up to 100% of the adjusted gross income (AGI) – the previous limit was 60%.  This is an election, so donors who wish to use this provision must report their decision to the IRS. Any contributions in excess of the donor’s total adjusted gross income may be carried forward for up to five additional years.  (These contributions need to go to individual nonprofits and cannot be used to fund Donor Advised Funds or Supporting Organizations.)

Corporations will now be able to take advantage of charitable deductions up to 25% of their taxable income, an increase from the former 10% limit.

All gifts made through June 30 will support the MHCM Sustaining Fund.

Please give TODAY!

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Your gift makes a difference!

Your gift dollars support everything we do – from developing vibrant new exhibits and educational hands-on programs to supporting innovative community-wide initiatives that foster inclusion and empower young children and their families.

Your gift also helps us remain accessible to families in need and in crisis, as philanthropic funds raised allow us to offer free and reduced-price admission programs for low-income families and for our human services agency partners.

We invite you to join us by allowing us to put your gift to work immediately as an investment in your children, local families, and the future of our regional community.

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  All charitable gifts made to the museum are tax-deductible.