Membership:  Frequently Asked Questions


Considering Membership:

Why should I become a member of the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum?

A family of four who purchases a Basic Family membership will see that membership pays for itself in roughly 3 visits (admission is $10 per person ages 1 and up. Infants under 1 are free). With exhibitions & programs that are always changing, you won’t want to miss a thing! Members receive additional benefits not offered to the public: special invitations to Member Nights, exhibition sneak previews and special events; and special discounts on programs, birthday parties, and pavilion rentals. Plus, select memberships offer free or discounted admission to more than 325 science centers and over 200 children’s museums worldwide.

How do I become a member?

Use our online membership form, or call (845) 471-0589 × 20, or in person the next time you visit.

How do I purchase a membership as a gift for someone else?

Purchase a gift membership online, or by calling (845) 471-0589 × 20. Gift membership forms are also available at our front desk.

What is the length of a membership term?

Memberships are good for 1 full year from the date of purchase. If you are renewing, please be assured that your new membership year will be activated when your current membership expires. However, if you renew after your membership has lapsed (30 days after expiration), your renewal date will be one year from the date you renew. There is never a penalty for renewing early.

Who can be included in my membership?

You can name up to 2 adults who reside in the same household on a membership. Adults living at separate addresses cannot be named on a single membership. We do not put children’s names on membership cards for security reasons (in case the card gets lost or stolen).

What is considered a “family” for memberships?

“Family” is defined as 2 adults and their children residing in the same household. 1 adult family member cardholder must be present for membership admission to apply and must accompany their children at all times.

Can I give my membership card to others to use?

No. Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum memberships and member benefits are not transferable to other individuals or organizations. Cards may not be passed to friends, relatives or extended family for admission. 1 adult person listed on the membership card must be present when visiting. Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum members are asked to provide a photo ID along with your membership card when you check in at the admission desk.

Can my Grandparent Membership card be given to my children to visit with their children, without me being present?

No. Grandparent Memberships are for grandparents only and must be in the grandparent(s) name. Grandparent Memberships require that at least one grandparent listed on the card always be present when visiting. It is meant to promote intergenerational family learning time. The Caregiver option is not available for this membership. Grandparents are allowed to bring their children AND their grandchildren when they visit (up to 12 people. For groups of 12 or more, please call ahead to ensure space and discount group pricing). If you are a grandparent looking for a membership level that would allow your child and their children to visit with or without you, we suggest that you purchase a Voyager membership in their name. This level includes the caregiver option and may be used by your children in your absence.

Can I bring guests on my membership when I visit the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum?

At the Voyager level, a member can bring up to 2 guests with them when they visit. (Please note that this benefit may not apply at other museums.) At other member levels, regular admission must be paid for guests.

Can my caregiver, nanny or babysitter be admitted under my membership?

At the Voyager level, admission for one caregiver to escort your child to the Museum when you are unable to attend is included. A “caregiver” is defined as anyone other than the members named on the cards who would escort your child in your absence. At the Basic Family and Explorer levels, caregiver options can be added for a nominal fee of $20/year. Caregiver option may not be added to the Grandparent Membership.

To use the Caregiver Privilege:

  • The caregiver must present the family’s membership card at the time of admission
  • You must have a current Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum membership
  • The caregiver must be at least 16 years old
  • The Caregiver Privilege does not entitle your caregiver to your member discounts on programs.
  • If you are at the Voyager level, your caregiver cannot bring 2 guests when visiting.
  • The Caregiver Privilege is valid for the duration of your membership, but IS NOT automatically renewed. You need to sign up for this privilege each year you renew.
  • The Caregiver Privilege is only valid when they escort your child in your absence. If you and the caretaker come to the museum together, the caretaker must pay admission to enter.
  • The Caregiver Privilege benefit does not apply to other museums
To whom can my membership discounts be extended?

Membership entitles you and those listed on your membership to receive discounts on programs, pavilion rentals and birthday parties. Your membership cannot be used to obtain discounts for other relatives, extended family or friends. Grandparents with Grandparent Memberships may use their membership discount for their grandchildren’s participation in a program, party, or rental providing they are purchasing the program. Your membership must be current to obtain discounts on programs.

I know someone who is interested in becoming a member, but doesn’t want to join until they see the museum. Can I bring them in and show them around?

Because the museum caters to young children, and for the safety of our visitors, we do not permit adults to tour the facility without children. You can, however, bring that person with you when you and your family visit, but they would need to pay the admission fee. If, after that visit, they want to become a member, their admission fee can be applied to their membership if purchased the same day.

I just joined/renewed my membership, how long before I receive my cards in the mail?

You should receive your cards within two weeks of signing up/renewing.

I just joined/renewed my membership and am waiting for my cards to arrive in the mail, can I still visit the museum in the meantime?

Absolutely! Just remember to bring your photo ID.


As A Member:

Why am I asked for photo ID?

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum admission and photo ID policy reflects those in place at many other museums participating in the ASTC and ACM reciprocal museum admission programs, and it protects your membership from unauthorized use.

I purchased a membership and would like to upgrade. Can I do that?

Yes! You can upgrade at any time. You will just have to pay the difference. Your expiration date remains the same as that on your original membership.

I purchased a membership and am realizing that we aren’t using it as often as we thought. Can we get our money back or downgrade our membership level?

No. memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may only downgrade your level once your current membership expires

How do I renew my membership?

We will send ample notification and reminders that your membership is due to expire to ensure you have ample time to renew. You can renew your membership by responding to the notifications, renewing when you visit, renewing online, or by calling our Membership Office at (845) 471-0589 x 20.

How can I replace my lost membership card?

You can request a new card at the front desk when you visit or by calling our Membership Office at (845) 471-0589 x 20. We will send a new card to you within approximately 1-2 weeks. There is a $5 fee for each replacement card.

How can I change names on my memberships?

The names listed on a membership may be changed if there has been a change in the family’s circumstances, such as a death, a change in relationship status, or a legal name change. Please notify the Membership Office at (845) 471-0589 x 20. You will be required to turn in your membership cards before new cards can be issued.

How can I change my address for my membership?

To continue to receive all of your membership benefits, change your address with our Membership Office at (845) 471-0589 × 20

What other museums honor my Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum membership?

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum participates in both the ASTC Passport Program and the ACM Reciprocal Network. Explorer and Voyager members enjoy special reciprocal benefits at hundreds of science centers and children’s museums worldwide through these programs. With the Explorer membership, you receive ASTC reciprocal benefits at museums 90 miles outside of Poughkeepsie. At the Voyager level, you not only receive ASTC reciprocal benefits but also ACM benefits, which gives you 50% off at participating museums. Benefits apply to admission only and caregiver benefits or discounts do not apply at other museums. Other restrictions do apply. Please check with ASTC and ACM for a full list of participating museums. If there is a museum you are interested in visiting, we highly encourage you to call that museum prior to your visit for further information and to confirm the museum’s participation in the reciprocal program. Information regarding the reciprocal programs are also sent to you upon registration or renewal of membership.

We are members at another museum. Can I use my membership card from that museum to visit the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum?

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum participates in both the ASTC Passport Program and the ACM Reciprocal Network. Benefits apply to admission only.  Other restrictions do apply. Please click these links for full details (ASTC and ACM).

Can our family membership be used to offset the cost of a field trip, group visit, or friend’s birthday party?

No. Memberships are non-transferable and may not be used to offset group admission, field trips or parties.  The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum offers discounted group rates for school classes and groups that make arrangements to visit the museum at least one month in advance of their visit. For more information on group rates, call (845) 471-0589 x 15 (for parties and groups) or (845) 471-0589 x 17 (for field trips).

Can I bring a guest to member-only events?

No. One of the benefits of being a member is entry into member-only events. We do, however, host events throughout the year that members and non-members can attend, and at those events, members will get special pricing.

Under what circumstances can a membership be revoked?

Memberships are revocable licenses. The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum may refuse or revoke membership and/or deny admission without refund due to changes in the overall membership program, for non-compliance with applicable rules and terms of the program, and for inappropriate conduct. Purchase of an annual membership does not entitle purchaser to renewal in a subsequent year or refunds for unused visits. Membership levels, benefits, and prices are subject to change.

I am a member/visitor and would like to make a monetary gift above my membership dues/admission fee. How can I do that?

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum relies on gifts from our members and friends to help build new exhibits, provide resources for our families, create new programing, and enhance the quality experience you’ve come to expect when you visit. If you would like to make a gift, you can do so when you visit, you can click here to make an online gift, or you call Brenda Lynch, Director of Museum Advancement at (845) 471-0589 x 14 to make a gift over the phone. If you would like to make your gift go even further, check with your human resources department to find out if they will match your gift.

I am a member/visitor, where can I park?

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum has a gated parking lot and offers free onsite parking for all our guests during their visit to the museum. Upon departure of the Museum, your parking pass will be validated for free exit. Non-visitors may park in our lot, at a rate of $5/hr. If, on the rare occasion the lot is full, there is free parking at Waryas Park, a short walk away, or metered parking at the Poughkeepsie Train station, also a short walk away and across the street.  Members are not entitled to validated parking when not visiting the museum.

I am a member/patron and would like to enjoy the waterfront or Walkway Over the Hudson but not visit the museum. May we park in your lot?

Yes. You can park in our lot, but parking fees of $5/hr. will apply when you are not visiting the museum. Your entry ticket will not be validated for free exit.

I am a museum member, what kind of discount or benefits come with that?

The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum offers a range of membership levels with different benefits at each level. For a full list of membership levels, discounts, and benefits, click here.

My friend is a member and is coming to my child’s birthday party at the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum. Will they be counted as part of my total guest list?

Yes. Any party guest, regardless of membership status, will be counted as part of your birthday party guest total. However, your membership does not offset the price of another person’s contract as benefits are not transferable. For more information regarding birthday parties at the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum, please visit our birthday party page.


Special Memberships

I am a specialist and would like to bring my patient families to the Museum. What do I need to do?

We offer a Specialist Membership, which allows you to bring one client family (2 adults and all their children living in the same household) to the museum. You MUST accompany your family at all times and a child must be present during each visit. You need to provide photo ID.  One card is issued per specialist (not per institution) as memberships are non-transferable. No member benefits or discounts apply, and cannot be used as admission for family members of specialist. If you do not have a membership, all the above stipulations still apply, though admission fees will have to be paid for every guest.