Donation Requests

As a not-for profit organization, MHCM is committed to helping build a strong community by supporting other non-profits in their fundraising efforts by donating museum memberships for silent auctions at gala events.

All requests for a donated membership must be submitted by mail TWO MONTHS in advance of the event, and must include the following:  1) a written request on organizational letterhead describing the organization, its mission and audience; the event name, date, and brief description; and expected event attendance; and 2) a copy of your 501(c)3 letter to verify non-profit status.

Mail your request to:

Attn: Membership Donation Request
Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum
75 N. Water St.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Please note:

Email requests for donated memberships are not accepted.

We receive multiple requests for donated memberships each week.  MHCM reserves the rights to limit the number of donated memberships in circulation by restricting the number of donations approved at any given time.

Donation requests and/or donations received in previous years do not guarantee approval.

Donated MHCM memberships must be presented as a stand-alone item and may not be combined with other gift basket items, or otherwise repackaged or rebranded without  prior approval by MHCM.

Donated memberships may not be resold or transferred to another fundraising effort.  Donated memberships that are transferred in this way will not be honored.

MHCM does not donate museum memberships to individuals, business, or non-gala events such as “tricky trays,” online auctions, book fairs, or raffles.

While there is no geographic restriction, priority is given to organizations located in Dutchess, Orange and Ulster Counties, and to those serving families with young children.

MHCM does not donate cash or free/discounted admission passes.  To purchase individual admission passes for use at your event, please contact Josephine DaCosta.